A New Gadget: Samsung Galaxy S III

I had an extremely busy month. At work and at home. Finally, my computer has been upgraded to Windows 7. This includes some of my programs used in post-processing of my photos — another subject to discuss one day.

In the mean time I’ve got a new toy: I replaced my old Nokia E63 phone (still working fine but with a dying battery) with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III phone (let’s name it SGS3 for brevity).

I never considered the camera embedded in the smartphone anything else other than a gimmick, good for populating the web pages on social networks or documenting events when a real camera is not available. SGS3 changed my opinion. I will tell you why in a future post. But in the mean time, you will be the judge. Enjoy!

Along the Fraser River (Burnaby, BC)

The Fall Is Coming



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